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Aether Recognized in Microsoft Case Study

A recent case study published by Microsoft showcased the powerful capabilities of Aether, Axius Group’s secure virtual environment created in collaboration with Covenant Technology. The following is an excerpt:

In late 2020, Axius needed a development partner to improve its environment’s performance. Covenant Technology’s portfolio and relationship with Microsoft offered capabilities Axius leadership was looking for. Axius worked closely with Covenant Technology to codevelop, test, and adopt the updated Azure Virtual Desktop–based 3D environment with the goal of boosting scalability and satisfying compliance requirements. Lacy McDowell-Tedman, President and Chief Development Officer at Axius Group, describes the needs of Axius engineers and developers—exactly the types of users Covenant Technology aimed to help.

”The Covenant Technology team was a phenomenal partner for us in the build-out of this environment,” she says. “Traditionally, if an engineer’s desktop is running on-premises, they have three monitors up and bulky workstations with hefty GPUs. They use a 3D mouse and run 3D CAD/CAM software, which is really important to most designers and programmers. By offering those same capabilities virtually using Azure Virtual Desktop, our engineers can interrogate, design, and review models quickly in a fluid way that saves time.”

To read the full case study, visit the Microsoft website.